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A Yahoo Search Calls Up a Chief ... 2

Marissa Mayer, one of the top executives at Google, will be the next C.E.O. of Yahoo, making her one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley and corporate America.

dealbook.nytimes.com over 4 years ago

"Nous ouvrons un bureau en Franc... 1

Le responsable du développement en France du spécialiste des technologies de publicité aux enchères en temps réel explique le positionnement d'Appnexus et les missions du bureau parisien qui vient ... (See more)

journaldunet.com over 4 years ago

La panenka de Panenka, 1976 Facebook Twitter

La Panenka Originale 1 1

<object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://fpdownload. macromedia. com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.

dailymotion.com over 4 years ago

Interview de Dominique Delport -... 1

Vendredi dernier, lors du festival des Cannes Lions, le président d’Havas Media a présenté des solutions d’innovations qui pourraient permettre aux marques de regagner la confiance des consommateurs. (See more)

docnews.fr Dominique Delport over 4 years ago

The Boss's longest concert ever Facebook Twitter

International - Jeffrey Goldberg... 1 1

At three hours and 48 minutes, the Boss's Madrid concert may have been his longest ever.It's always nice to know, after umpteen-million Springsteen shows, that you've managed to attend the longest ... (See more)

theatlantic.com over 4 years ago

Publicis' Luxury Retail Effort I... 1

There are few places in the world where one can purchase a jar of marshmallow fluff, a box of Disney-branded pasta, a package of gourmet gold-flecked Pierre Herme macaroons and a tin of Petrossian ... (See more)

adage.com over 4 years ago

‘Microsoft’s DNT Reversal Makes ... 1

Microsoft's apparent abandonment the Digital Advertising Alliance’s industrywide agreement that “Do Not Track” should be a strictly opt-in has surprised and concerned Interactive Advertising Bureau... (See more)

adexchanger.com Microsoft Iab over 4 years ago

Tim Cook joined Apple because ev... 1

It's epic storytelling time at AllThingsD 10 as audience Q&A has begun, with Apple CEO Tim Cook opening up on why he came to join the company in the first place in response to a question from Lance... (See more)

engadget.com Tim Cook over 4 years ago

European Data Consolidation: Ala... 1

Weborama announced yesterday that it was acquiring Datavantage, a data management solution, for an undisclosed figure. The acquisition might well signal the start of a wider consolidation in the Eu... (See more)

exchangewire.com Datvantage over 4 years ago

Weborama acquiert Datvantage, un... 1

Weborama, le spécialiste français de la Data, vient d’annoncer l’acquisition du Data exchange Datvantage, un des pionniers du secteur. Créée en 2009, Datvantage est une plateforme spécialisée dans ... (See more)

ad-exchange.fr Datvantage over 4 years ago

Weborama se renforce dans la dat... 1

Weborama annonce l'acquisition de Datvantage, société française créée en 2009 qui a construit un «data exchange», soit une plateforme de collecte, gestion et échange de données comportementales sur... (See more)

offremedia.com Datvantage over 4 years ago

Facebook hopes to raise $16bn in... 1

Late on Friday morning, the company's public shares will start trading on the Nasdaq at an initial price of $38 (£24), using the ticker symbol 'FB'. With 421,233,615 shares going on sale, Facebook ... (See more)

zdnet.co.uk Ipo over 4 years ago

Facebook "Acqhires" Mobile Photo... 1

Talk about getting in under the wire.In what may be the last headcount addition before Facebook’s forthcoming multibillion-dollar IPO, Facebook “acqhired” the full team from mobile photo-sharing se... (See more)

allthingsd.com Ipo over 4 years ago

GM Says Facebook Ads Don't Pay Off 1

General Motors plans to stop advertising on Facebook after the company's marketing executives determined their paid ads had little impact on consumers. Sharon Terlep has details on The News Hub. Ph... (See more)

online.wsj.com Ipo Facebook over 4 years ago

Agencies Going After Accenture, ... 1

Tech consultants began to tread on agency turf years ago. Now, agencies are charging back. The thing bringing them head-to-head is the software that's so central to large-scale digital marketing.

adage.com Agency over 4 years ago

Crowdfunding Pushes iPod Watch O... 1

Kickstarter’s potential to fund small and large scale businesses has helped many businesses find financial backing but no other project has received the massive support as the crowdfunding site’s p... (See more)

dailycrowdsource.com kickstarter over 4 years ago

LeGuide appelle ses actionnaires... 1

LeGuide.com n'ira pas de son plein gré à Lagardère. La société a appelé jeudi à refuser l'offre contractuelle volontaire d'achat formulée lundi par le groupe Lagardère. Ce dernier offrait 24 euros ... (See more)

pro.clubic.com over 4 years ago