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Eric T. Wagner on How to Buid a Business From Sractch! Twitter

How To Build A Business From Scr... 1 1

Trying to build a business? And I don’t mean just flailing in the wind with product ideas, half-hearted brainstorms and trying to make a quick buck or two. I mean a real business.

forbes.com over 4 years ago

OECD: Unemployment Rates In 35 D... 1

There are 14.6 million more people out of jobs in April 2012 than there were in April 2008 before onset of the global financial crisis.We went through the latest OECD report to find unemployment da... (See more)

businessinsider.com over 4 years ago

Esta é uma daquelas noticias que me dá alguma preocupação :-( Facebook

Aumentam na Europa os bebés aban... 1 1

Na Idade Média, em Portugal, os bebés ilegítimos eram colocadas na chamada Roda dos Enjeitados que foi oficializada em 1783 por Pina Manique, Intendente Geral da Polícia. Foi por sua iniciativa que... (See more)

publico.pt over 4 years ago

Seth Godin at his best! Facebook Twitter

How to succeed 1 1

You don't need all of these, and some are mutually exclusive (while others are not). And most don't work, don't scale or can't be arranged:Be very focused on your goal and work on it daily Go to c... (See more)

sethgodin.typepad.com over 4 years ago

True! Facebook

move-out-of-your-comfort-zone-pi... 1 1

addicted2success.com over 4 years ago

Algo que eu já desconfiava. Facebook

Are highly religious people less... 1 1

A new study suggests non-believers are more likely than the faithful to be generous when they see a stranger in needHere's a new study that might not go over well in church: Researchers from the Un... (See more)

holykaw.alltop.com over 4 years ago

The Data That Proves Breakfast I... 1

Don’t scoff: Breakfast really is important. If you replace it with a cup of coffee (or nothing at all), you’ll eat worse throughout the day than if you had taken the time to pour yourself a bowl of... (See more)

fastcoexist.com over 4 years ago

Facebook Increases Size of Profi... 1

For anyone who works with Facebook, whether for themselves or for clients, one thing’s for sure—there’s never a dull moment! The company’s rolling out another change today: an increase in the size ... (See more)

v3im.com over 4 years ago

TEDxWallStreet - Jeff Stewart - ... 1

Jeff Stewart is the Global CEO of Lenddo, the world's first online community that empowers the emerging class to use their online social connections to build their creditworthiness and access local... (See more)

youtube.com over 4 years ago

Para praticar nesta semana e seguintes :-) Facebook

30 Life-Enhancing Things You Can... 1 1

Many of us attempt to measure our happiness based on the duration of certain favorable experiences in our lives. The longer a favorable experience lasts, the happier we think we’ll be. But the trut... (See more)

marcandangel.com over 4 years ago

The good news. By 2050 I probably won't be here!!! Facebook Twitter

Robot Red-Light Districts By 205... 1 1

Robots are slowly taking over many human jobs — even those in the sex industry.Two researchers from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand predict that robot prostitutes may be commonplace ... (See more)

mashable.com over 4 years ago

7 Apps Worth Checking Out [PICS] 1

Kids and adults will love Lego's newest iOS app: Lego Super Hero Movie Maker. Designed to work alongside Lego's DC Universe Super Heroes blocks, the app lets you create a stop-motion film using you... (See more)

mashable.com over 4 years ago

Should You Be Checking Your Emai... 1

businessinsider.com over 4 years ago

How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Fu... 1

This article was written for 10x10, a series of essays written by Method, a design and innovation firm. Download a PDF here.I’m sure that I was swearing allegiance to brands as soon as I began to d... (See more)

fastcodesign.com over 4 years ago

Social Media Is Changing the Oly... 1

This year’s Olympics are being branded by organizers as the world’s “first social Games,” and it’s not hard to see why. Social media has narrowed the divide between athlete and fan over the past fe... (See more)

mashable.com over 4 years ago

Leitura obrigatória para aqueles que não resistem a chorar no cinema e não só... Facebook

How Tragic Movies Help Us Count ... 1 1

Why do we like watching movies that make us feel depressed?This is a question that has long interested psychologists and philosophers, and a recent study published by Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick at ... (See more)

theemotionmachine.com over 4 years ago

Google Announces New Measure for... 1

The company claims a new program will let companies know if Web users are actually connecting with brands.In an effort to win an even larger share of advertising dollars, Google is offering a new a... (See more)

wire.inc.com over 4 years ago

How Interactive Ebooks Engage Re... 1

The invention of the tablet PC has created a new medium for book publishing. Interactive books are everywhere, and have revolutionized the way people consume the printed word.

mashable.com over 4 years ago

Julian Assange's TV Show to Prem... 1

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has completed filming episodes for his upcoming TV show “The World Tomorrow,” which will air on Tuesday, April 17, on the Russia Today (RT) network.

mashable.com over 4 years ago