Yoolink General terms of use

Yoolink is a collaborative research, management and bookmarks sharing tools edited by Yoolink, 102 bis rue Miromesnil, 75008 Paris. This service enables members of the community Yoolink create a personal space (MyYoolink), accessible on the web, and intended to: store bookmarks, make all or part public and available to all or part of the community Yoolink access the favorites of other members of the community. Services offered by Yoolink include website yoolink.fr, yoolink.es, yoolink.it, yoolink.co.uk, yoolinkus.com, yoolink.us (the "Website Yoolink") and any other functionality, content or application proposed by occasionally Yoolink in connection with the Website Yoolink (collectively the "Services Yoolink").

The general terms of The general conditions of use set legally binding terms of your use of Yoolink Services. Using Yoolink Services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use, whether you're a "visitor" (if you just browse on the Web site Yoolink) or a "Member" (if you are logged on Yoolink.fr). The term "User" refers both to visitors as members. You're allowed to use the Services Yoolink that if you agree to abide by all applicable laws and these Terms of Service.

In order to profit from the Yoolink Services, you might be asked to download software or contents and/or to accept additional terms and conditions.

1. Admissibility

The use of Yoolink Services is open to all Internet users aged at least 13 years, they are acting on their own account or that of a company or any other entity. The use of Yoolink Services for Visitors is not subject to any identification. The use of Yoolink Services for Members is subject to a registration via a form, where you are requested a username, password and a valid e-mail address.

2. Term and cancellation

These general terms of use will remain in force and have effect as long as you use the Yoolink Services or are member.

You can at any time terminate your Account, for whatever reason, following the instructions given on the parameters of the Member's account.

Yoolink reserves the right at its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to publish or delete your publications or restrict, suspend or cancel your access to all or part of Yoolink Services at any time with or without notice.

3. Password

When you register to become a member, you are asked to choose a password. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password. You agree to use at any time the account, user name or password of another Member and not reveal your password to any third party. You agree to notify Yoolink.fr immediately if you suspect unauthorized use of your account or access to your password. You are solely responsible for any use of your account.

4. Noncommercial use by the Members

The Yoolink Services are reserved for the personal use of Members only and can not be used in commercial activities, except those that have been approved or accepted by Yoolink. Any illegal and / or unauthorized use of Yoolink, including the collection of user names and / or e-mail addresses of members by electronic or other means to send e-mails unsolicited, to create links to website in order to get money or any other retribution is prohibited.

The ads, links affiliates and any other form of solicitation may be removed from Member profiles without notice and may result in cancellation of privileges of membership. The appropriate legal actions will be brought as a result of any use illegal or unauthorized Services Yoolink.

The commercial advertisements, the affiliated bonds and any other form of request can be removed profiles of the Members without notice and can involve the cancellation of the privileges of the Member. Suitable legal actions will be brought following any illegal use or not - authorized Yoolink Services.

5. Obligations of the Members

The Members of Yoolink commit themselves not to use our Services in an illegal or contrary way to the present general terms of use.

For example, and in a nonrestrictive way, the Members commit themselves not to use the Yoolink Services:

a) to badger, threaten or intimidate any other Yoolink Member,

b) to diffuse very contained defamatory, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or in infringment of any law and right of third,

c) in an illegal intention or not - authorized according to the laws and the uses in force in your country of origin

d) to publish and transmit any communication or request intended to recover the identifiers, passwords and other personal informations of other Members of Yoolink

E) to create and send emails not requested to other Members of Yoolink,

F) to submit comments out of context or related to affiliate programs, involving commercial activities and / or sales such as contests, sweepstakes, trade, advertisements and pyramids, without our prior written consent

G) except for the access to flows RSS, you should not use any robot, spider and another means automated to reach the Site for some reason that it is without our prior written agreement. Moreover, you commit yourselves not to impose a load abnormally high on our infrastructure, to interfere on the good performance of the Site or circumventing any procedure installation by Yoolink to prevent or restrict the access to the Site.

H) with the intention to inflate or modify artificially the referencing and the visibility of third sites, including the fact of creating several accounts, of giving or of receiving money or any other form of remuneration in visibility exchange, of taking part in very undertaken organized artificially to modify the results of the services of Yoolink.

Yoolink.fr can constantly remove a comment or put a term on your Account, without notice, that it is on complaint of third or authorities related to these contents, or without particular reason. To defer any form of abuse, please address an email to us to abus@yoolink.fr.

6. Policy on copyrights

You affirm and guarantee that:

a) you are owner of the Contents published by you on or by the means of the Yoolink Services or you have the right to grant the licence described in this section

b) the publication of your contents on or by the means of the Yoolink services does not violate any right to the respect of the private life, right of publicity, intellectual property right (including royalty) or all other right of any other person. You agree to pay the royalties, taxes or any other sum due to any person under the terms of Contents published by you on or by the means of the Yoolink Services.

The Yoolink Services contain Contents of Members. With the exception of the content posted by you, you can not copy, modify, translate, publish, distribute, transmit, distribute, produce, sell or display any content appearing on or through the Yoolink services

7. Litigations between Members

You are only responsible for your interactions with other Yoolink.us Members .Yoolink.us reserves the right, but does not have any obligation, to follow the litigations between you and other Members.

8. Confidentiality

Yoolink attaches a very great importance to the protection of personal data and respect of the private life of its users.

The non-privates bookmarks selected and saved by the Members on Yoolink are placed at the disposal of Yoolink Visitor's.

Constantly At any time members have the opportunity to make private all or part of their bookmarks. Yoolink can record the activity of members of Yoolink on the site yoolink.fr to improve the quality of its services. Personal data are strictly confidential. No personally identifiable information will be transmitted to third parties other than companies working with Yoolink and at the sole condition that the third parties are bound by a pledge of confidentiality on the data and complied with Yoolink commitments .

However, we can have to reveal personal informations concerning you for:

a) being in conformity with the law or to conform us to a legal procedure;

b) to guarantee your respect of this contract;

c) to protect the rights of Yoolink, its employees, or the public in general.

Yoobarre: Yoobarre: Yoobarre is software that allows you to better utilize the services Yoolink and in particular access to SunRank of each page. To find the SunRank each page of the YooBarre makes a request to servers Yoolink. This information is stored on our server for statistical purposes, any information that could identify you personally is stored at the time: no email, no IP address, no ID yoolink account.

9. Yoolink Members informations

Yoolink store a database file with information on all this members. The collection of this information is to enable Yoolink manage the accounts of members and treat this information for the compilation of statistics that can be communicated and used with any third party, a non-names. The customer gives his consent express the constitution of this file, containing all the information that Yoolink can get during the registration and use of Yoolink services.

Yoolink, within the framework of its commercial development, collect the email addresses of his members to send them informations that can contains commercial inforations. You can at any time unsuscribe to this mailing list. This email list is not diffused outside Yoolink.

10. Clause of non-responsibility

Yoolink can not be held responsible for any incorrect or inappropriate content published on the website Yoolink or linked to the Yoolink Services provided.

The profiles created and published by Members on the website Yoolink may contain links to other Web sites. Yoolink.fr is not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed on these websites. Yoolink n'├ętudie, does not monitor and check in any case the accuracy and completeness of these websites. The inclusion of any linked website on Yoolink Services does not imply that Yoolink approve or endorse the linked Web site.

Any consultation of these third sites is at your own risks. Yoolink disclaims any liability for third-party advertisements published on this website Yoolink or through the Yoolink Services nor than any responsibility for the goods or services provided by its advertisers.

In addition, Yoolink declines any responsibility as for the errors, omissions, interruptions, suppressions, breakdowns, delays of operation or transmission, disturbances of the lines of communication, thefts, destructions, accesses not - authorized or modifications of the communication of any User or Member. Yoolink cannot be held for person in charge of any problem or technical failure of the networks or phone lines, computing systems on line, waiters or suppliers of access, data-processing equipment, breakdowns of any system or speaker of email because of engineering problems or an obstruction on Internet and/or any Yoolink Service.

11. Exclusion of guarantee

Yoolink Services are provided "AS IS" and to the extent of availability. Yoolink does not guarantee timely provision, secure, error-free and without interruption Services Yoolink. Yoolink can not guarantee and not promising any particular result of the use of Yoolink Services. The exclusion guarantees does not affect your right of withdrawal.

12.Breach of contract - Disclaimer - Jurisdiction

In case of non-compliance with the terms of these general conditions, Yoolink reserves the right to suspend without notice access to the subscriber's account. If any provision of this contract is invalid or unenforceable under any law or following a court decision becomes final, this clause will be deemed unwritten and the rest of the contract will retain its effect. This contract is governed by French law. In the event of a dispute concerning the implementation or interpretation of the provisions of these Terms and in the absence of any prior settlement, only the Commercial Court of Paris will be competent. If translated into another language, only the French language is authentic.

13. Others

The parties agreed that Yoolink can ipso facto, amend its services and / or the terms of these Terms of Use, particularly in view of technical development services. Yoolink undertakes to inform subscribers of changes. However, any changes are made in personal space and then it is up to member Yoolink going to take cognizance, it expressly agrees.