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Facebook to introduce clickable ... 1

Facebook is to introduce clickable hashtags for its users. Photograph: Facebook/PAFacebook has announced plans to introduce clickable hashtags for users.

guardian.co.uk over 3 years ago

Pourquoi vous devez tuer votre t... 3 2

Je vois ici et là fleurir des articles sur le calcul du taux d’engagement d’une page sur Facebook. Les analytics Facebook sont justement un sujet dans lequel je me suis plongé ces derniers mois et ... (See more)

mycommunitymanager.fr engagement.facebook over 3 years ago

The role of Color in Marketing i... 1

Color is a form of non-verbal communication and an important part of our daily lives.Color affects our moods and feelings, and research suggests that it has a physical effect as well, influencing t... (See more)

davidmerzel.wordpress.com colours.marketing colours over 3 years ago

Comment se faire des amis grâce ... 1

Alors que les ventes de ses boissons ont commencé à s’essouffler dans l’Empire du Milieu – 4% de croissance en volume en 2012 contre 13% en 2011 (source annual report 2011 et 2012)- Coca-Cola Chine... (See more)

vanksen.fr Coke.China over 3 years ago

les bonnes pratiques 1

Dans le cadre de leur intervention à l’atelier FrenchWeb, Pierre Wiltz et Jérémy Coxet se sont penchés sur la refonte des supports digitaux et la place que prend le SEO dans cette dernière. La diff... (See more)

vanksen.fr over 3 years ago

What to upload on SlideShare 1

What can you upload at SlideShare? Ideas of things you can upload at SlideShare. If you have something like this, upload now and make it go viral.

slideshare.net over 3 years ago

1 | See Twitter's Bigotry Hot Sp... 1

A team of researchers at California’s Humboldt State University have produced a visual representation to show where the most hateful, bigoted speech on Twitter originates. The Geography of Hate sho... (See more)

fastcocreate.com Crowdsourcing over 3 years ago

How Your Business Can Use the Ne... 1

Are you familiar with the new Facebook cover photo rules? You are now able to put calls to action and your website or address information in your Facebook cover photo, but there are still text rest... (See more)

socialmediaexaminer.com over 3 years ago

LinkedIn is 10 years old today: ... 1

Today marks a historic moment for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest and well-known companies. It has been a decade since LinkedIn was founded as a business-related social network and now it has grown... (See more)

thenextweb.com over 3 years ago

How Marketers Are Using Paid Soc... 1

Do you use paid social media ads such as Facebook ads or promoted tweets?Would you like to know how other marketers are using paid social media?

socialmediaexaminer.com over 3 years ago

The Psychology of Color in Logo ... 1

A customer’s first impression of a product or service is inevitably through the logo. No matter the quality of one’s offering, a poorly-designed logo sours that first impression as much as a limp h... (See more)

pelfusion.com logo.colour over 3 years ago

Inside Smellvertising, the Scent... 1

Bus stops are typically not the place where you want to hoover in a big noseful of air. Car exhaust, stale cigarettes and fresh urine – the noxious bouquet of mass transit is anything but welcoming.

theatlanticcities.com course.bac3.dinero over 3 years ago

How smell might be the next big ... 1

A team of Japanese researchers has been working on developing a new system, the "smelling screen," that releases scents into the air with directional accuracy. Augmenting our audio-visual experienc... (See more)

theverge.com course.bac3.dinero over 3 years ago

Mobile Matters: The Daily Habits... 1

There are 70 million tablet users in the U.S. This VivaKI study shares insights into what they do on them every day.Editor’s note: “Mobile Matters” is our ongoing series where we look at top issues... (See more)

advertising.yahoo.com over 3 years ago

Are People Watching TV Ads or Lo... 1

The study – sponsored by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) – measured cross-media advertising effectiveness using passive measurement of ad exposure. This type of measurement ca... (See more)

marketingcharts.com social.tv.ads second.screen multiscreen over 3 years ago

Why pricing experiments prove ou... 1

When it comes to pricing, there is one constant to keep in mind. People do not know how much things are worth.We will reiterate that point because it bears repeating, people really do not know how ... (See more)

econsultancy.com over 3 years ago

B2B Marketers See Google+ Becomi... 1

While only 9% of B2B marketers (primarily from the UK) currently consider Google+ to be their most useful social media marketing channel, 29% believe it will be so in the next 12 months, according ... (See more)

marketingcharts.com Google+.B2B over 3 years ago