Save and share any web page to Facebook, Twitter and email, with only 1 click!

The bookmarklet version of the button

The Yoolink plugin is discreetly added in your browser.

It allows you to publish content to Facebook or Twitter with only one click just from where you are. You can also share this link via email with your friends the same way.

How to use it?

Watch the video tutorial

When you're interested in a webpage, select a part of the text that will be used as a description and click on the Yoolink button in your browser. The title, the selected text and a picture will be automatically retrieved. You just have to add a comment if you like and you're done.

An expert mode allows you to add tags, save a document privately and share the document with friends. You can also just choose to read later that document. The Yoolink plugin allows you to publish content to Facebook, Twitter and Delicious.

How to install it ?

In order to get the plugin, drag and drop the button below to your bookmarks toolbar.

[+] Yoolink

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